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Commercial  Events

Caufield Vancouver Mayday

Karen Harrison
MayDay committee member

Our Caulfeild Mayday committee hired Party Ponies for our event after receiving very positive reviews of the company's work at the West Vancouver Pumpkin Fest
Bette-lyn and all of her team more than lived up to our expectations.
We got excellent service at a very fair price and the pony rides and petting farm were the most popular activity at our event.!
Bette-lyn seems to really care about her animals which impressed me.
She was reliable and pleasant to deal with
I would strongly recommend anyone hire Party Ponies.

West Vancouver Community Centres Society (WVCCS)

Committee Chairs and Lead
Kirsty Thompson, Bernadette Smyth and Sue Daniel

A  great big thank you to all from Party Ponies who helped us with our event on Sunday!
You were a very big part of our very successful day. The weather co-operated, the crowds came, enjoyed the activities and were not disappointed.
Your animals and creativity along with the childrens’ interactive activities made for a great success. The kids loved it; the lineups were the confirmation.
Our success is due in a large part to the dedication, creativity and hard work of your team.

We look forward to next year and hope you will join us again.

Thank you and your whole crewof humans and animals - you were quite the hit of the event! We estimated we had over 5,000 people yesterday...way beyond what we imagined. Your whole team was fantastic and were a true highlight of the whole event.

Sechelt Downtown Business Association

Katharine Trueman

I have had the pleasure of having several activities for children with Bette-Lyn Eger of Pony Parties and Farm Ventures, both at her Roberts Creek location and at various public and private functions. I have noticed how well Bette-Lyn treats her animals and birds – they are like family to her. When Bette-Lyn is at an event, she always is very outgoing with the children and wonderfully caring as well. Her horses and ponies are well trained and very gentle, and when she brings the petting farm, there are always lots of animals and birds available for the children to pet or cuddle. The smiles on the children’s faces say it all!

Camp Sunrise

(The Salvation Army)

Jennifer Henson

"Party Ponies and Farm Ventures is an excellent option for fun, community gatherings; especially those involving children of any ages! We partnered with this great, local business for our Moms and Tots Camp this past summer. Bette-lyn was exceptionally helpful in making arrangements and even came for a site visit before the event to ensure everything would go smoothly. We had over a hundred moms and their young children thrilled to bits when the animals arrived. Even our staff were having a blast while walking the pony, cuddling the rooster and petting the pig. The staff were very approachable and professional, and even made sure to "clean up" on their way out. This was our most successful family fun afternoon to date, by and large due to the wonderful people and animals from Party Ponies and Farm Ventures."

Gibsons Wildlife Rehab. Centre

Irene Davy
Wildlife Care Supervisor

For two years Bette-Lyn Eger of Party Ponies and Farm Ventures has held a fund raiser for Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre at her farm in Roberts Creek. This occasion is one of the highlights of our year as, although not dealing with wildlife, it is wonderful to see how well looked after and loved all of her animals and birds are. As a large number of people attend this event, Bette-Lyn's number one concern is that there are enough volunteers to look after the animals and birds to ensure they are not harmed in any way. An example of this is that children are not allowed to run around picking up small animals, they have to be seated on the ground and an animal or bird is brought to them. We have watched Bette-Lyn with the animals and it is obvious they love her as much as she loves them. We are looking forward to next year's visit to the farm.

Pender Harbour May Day

Marlene Cymbalist

It was so nice meeting you and having your Petting Zoo come to participate in our Pender Harbour May Day. Thank you, we have had so many nice comments about your petting zoo and the pony rides. The day gave the children the opportunity to connect with animals in a very memorable and enriching way they will remember for ever. I do hope it was beneficial for yourselves as well and look forward to doing business with you again one day.

School District No. 46 (Sunshine Coast)

Kirsten Deasey
Early Years Coordinator

The Sunshine Coast Early Years Fair, sponsored by School District No. 46, Success by Six, and our community, had Party Ponies and Farm Ventures setup their petting zoo in their school gym this past year. Hundreds of children under five years old and their families had the opportunity to interact with the animals, and were thrilled with their calm, sweet dispositions. The animals were healthy, and obviously well-cared for, and the children were able to spend time with a wide variety of birds and animals, some of which were just young themselves. The staff were very professional and accommodating. A site-visit took place before the event, and the staff shared tips and information with the families to make each child's experience memorable. Party Ponies and Farm Ventures brought everything they needed, and afterwards all of the fencing was removed, the tarps taken out and the clean-up was completed in under an hour. We also had 2 ponies for the children to ride, which was a highlight for all. We look forward to including Party Ponies and Farm Ventures in our future events!

Manifest New Year Celebration

Sharaton Signature Hotel

Vida Achundsada
Canadian Operations Manager


To who it may concern
We would formally like to thank you for renting the pigs to us for our event. The reviews were absolutely stellar and you were all great to work with.


Community & Educational Groups

Penticton Salvation Army

Miriam Leslie

Wow, that was such an incredible time we had with you on Saturday.

It amazed me to see how the seniors responded to the animals. Two other of my friends also held birds for the first time. I had to laugh at myself as I bragged on Facebook about holding Mopsy and then in the evening chapel service, I was at the back doing the computer stuff and a hummingbird got caught in the building. It was right behind me fluttering away. I thought I held a big chicken today but I am terrified of this beautiful little bird. Guess I have some more work to do! But I comforted myself that Mopsy knows she is loved. And I'm happy to report the hummingbird was safely rescued and released outdoors by an old Scout!

Thanks again - everyone from the smallest to the eldest loved it!

Cedar Grove Elementary

Roxanne Sammartino

Thank you again for the wonderful day at the farm. The students had a marvelous time and will always remember that experience! You truly did a magnificent job preparing everything for us and guiding us around....the entire day went so smoothly! I am sending along a few of the photos I took (ended up with 94 in total)! If you would like a few more, I can send them along...the rest are mostly of the children riding Sunny and many of the animals on the farm! We were so fortunate with the weather as well....a perfect day! Well

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again for an amazing field trip for my Kindergarten students. I love going to your farm! The children had an amazing time and this experience is one that will last each of them a lifetime! ...thank you again for




Thank you so much for a fantastic afternoon! The girls loved it and it was so exciting to see some of the girls getting over their fears and jumping right in. I know they were very excited (aka loud, noisy, happy) and I thank you for your patience with them. Everything was perfect.

We will surely be returning next year.


Cedar Grove Elementary


I just wanted to say again how wonderful our day was. The children really enjoyed all the activities and you were so generous with your time. Everything was fantastic. Thank you again for such a wonderful, fun program!

Langdale Elementary School

J. Corbo/P. Dressler

A terrific field trip. The kids and teachers, parents had a wonderful time

Little Scholar's After-School Program

What an amazing time we had!! It's always the highlight of our Summer.

Farm Adventures & Private Parties

Yes, we host tours for Adults!

Shendra Hanney

"I was "kidnapped" by my friends for an 80th birthday surprise visit to the “Party Ponies and Farm Ventures” farm in Roberts Creek, on the Sunshine Coast of BC.
I can’t think of a better way to celebrate! We were welcomed by the resident “guard” dogs, Tundra and Zephyr … and swept into the barnyard where we met and fed, every kind of chicken, goose, duck, peacock, peahen and turkey, as well as miniature piglets and Mrs Skittles, the resident goat.
I love animals, and was thrilled to go on to meet Snowy, a beautiful Andalusian horse who promptly gave me a kiss, and his friendly llama companion, Dodger. In the indoor shelters we met cuddly rabbits and guinea pigs, rare chicken breeds, and Lindenza, another beautiful Andalusian horse who sang ”Happy Birthday” to me, and gave me a shoulder massage!
A wonderful two hours, and upon leaving I was given a beautiful peacock feather for my birthday gift!
Needless to say, when my family from Britain visited recently, I immediately organized for them to visit the farm! They were welcomed by “Pringles”, (a miniature pig in a red sweater), as well as Tundra and Zephyr. They were equally enchanted by the whole experience. They wanted to take the micro piglets home with them!
Thanks to Bette-lyn for the loving, generous sharing of her beautiful animals. We will never forget you all…and there is no doubt I will be returning with more visitors!!"

Diana Starbuck


Bette-Lyn's, love of animals, and their flare with working with children, are a winning combination, when hosting each individual "pony party". Their ideas for games, party hats, prizes, and food are tailored around each group of children. Children could interact with the many different types of animals and birds, while safely in the hands of Bette-Lyn and helpers.

Not one detail was forgotten and nothing for Mom & Dad to do, but sit back on a bale of hay in the sunshine watching the smiling faces of every child who was lucky enough to spend an afternoon at this favourite family farm. It will always be my fondest memory, and my gift to my grandchildren.

We couldn't have done it without Bette-Lyn at her wonderful family farm.


Jen Meadowcroft

You are amazing! We came home from Kaylee's birthday party and I am just overwhelmed with what a wonderful experience today was. Not sure if you realize just how happy you make people.. Moms :) and Dads and kids alike on days that mean so much. Thankyou so much :) Thanks for making today wonderful, I could not have done it without you Kaylee had such a terrific day :):):)


Cheryle & Laurie Samara



Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you! The very Best Party ever. Everyone kids & Adults had a really enjoyable day! We would love to have other parties here. This was absolutely amazing!


9 years


We had a great time, it was soooo awesome. The people were very nice and they all said very Happy Birthday and it was the Best Birthday Ever.




What an amazing adventure! We made the trip with 13 kids all the way from Vancouver and it couldn't have been better! Bette-Lyn and the animals greeted us with warm smiles and friendliness. The kids were squealing with delight. The animals were so loving and sweet - they are obviously loved so much by Bette-Lyn and her family as they are so comfortable with the kids. There is no doubt that we will be back to see Lollipop, Tundra,Tea cup, etc, etc.... but most of all Gobbles!!

Thank you for "the best birthday party ever" (from the kids).


Meaghan Spithoff (Daren and Audrey)

Thanks again for such a great party! You are a very gracious host, we had a really nice time. You made the birthday so special for Audrey (and the others), and she will honestly never forget it! You added so many touches that I just would not have thought of myself! I loved how you were with the kids and I will be sure to tell all I know how wonderful it is there! I must say I think I had more fun than the kids!!


Thank you for the wonderful birthday party on Sunday. My son Phoenix loved visiting with all the animals, and the horse ride was a highlight. It was great to have your knowledgeable guidance as the children learned about the animals on the farm, and the outdoor space was both casual and spacious. It was particularly great for the kids to have the animals become an integral part of the event. I would recommend a pony party at Mystique Andalusians to anyone who wants a fun, engaging, and wholesome birthday party activity for their child.
thanks again, such a great and memorable day!


The party was the talk of the town this morning at school - and parents kept saying "oh I thought the kids were talking about people they had met on the farm but then I realized they were talking about the animals - they just called them by name!!".

Melanie, Jonah & Jordan

I just wanted to take the time to thank you so much for all your help with Jonah's birthday party. Everyone had so much fun, even the moms & dads, and grandparents. We got some really cute photos. The Goodie/hats turned out well & all the girls were happy with their trinkets. What a wonderful service you offer. We will definitely be back to visit another day. We had a lovely time :-)

Paulette Musson

It was a rainy day, but the girls had a wonderful time. We loved the interaction with all the animals and the pony rides were awesome.


This has been the very best Birthday Experience ever! Every bit of the adventure has been spectacular for the children and great fun for the adults too.


Thanks again for the amazing party, I cant believe how perfect it was. everyone had such a good time and it all went so smoothly. All the parents were so impressed and I know the kids won't soon forget it. we cant wait to come back :)

Andrew, Anna & Xin

Thank you very much for the experience of a lifetime!  Anna will forever remember the time she rode Cinnamon, petted baby bunnies, and fed peacocks :)

Brill Barry

Thank you so Much! All the Children said it was the Best Party Ever!! We would love to come again!

Mary Basas

It was an awesome wonderful experience. All 20 kids had a blast and the parents too. Can't wait to come back.

Manuella and Jana

Thank you for your kind Hospitality! It was a great and fun memory we created today!! Thank you so much and Hugs from our family.

The Haytons

What a wonderful party! The animals are so friendly and the kids and adults had a magic time.
Thank you so much.

Nakita Koski and family

Thank you Bette-lyn and everyone else who helped make Sadie's party so special. All the kids had so much fun, we will definitely be back!!

Andrea Kerr

I want to say thank you for the wonderful farm adventure/party. The girls are still talking about it and I'm still smiling too. It's obvious that you love what you do as it shows in your happy healthy animals. We had a wonderful time, a better experience than our recent trip to the Toronto Zoo! So much more engaging.
I'll spread the word as will my friend Colleen that just emailed to tell me what a wonderful time she had as well.

Anabel, Emilia, Nicole and Arthur

It was such a memorable morning. The girls and us will cherish this fun, relaxing and hands on experience for a very long time.
Thank you so much for absolutely everything!

Sealynn, Brenda, Barry & Raeanne

Sealynns 8th birthday- How wonderful, the kids had a fantastic time. Thank you so much for the fun and education! Talking horses and baby bunnies...what can be better!

Chad, Sandy and Maggie Rose

(on Maggie's 3rd B-day)

The kids (and the adults) were in heaven! See you soon!
Stella, Angus, Patsy and the Party

Thanks SO much! What a blast....your animals are so much fun! Stella loved her party!

Clarissa, Althea and grandparents

Bette-lyn, thank you for the thoughtful and well organized party for Althea. What a special adventure you prepared! We will return!

Danielle, Leah and Madison

Thank you again! for the most awesome birthday party. Weather was great, party was great, kids had a fantastic time! Thanks again.

Desiree, John, Aria and Aubrey

Thank you so much for a wonderful time, we loved it. The kids loved it!! It was a fabulous day.

Lori and Friends

What a BLAST!!! Thanks so much for making Frances & Lara's Birthday SUPER SPECIAL!

John, Carol, Renata

Best Party ever!! Kids had a great time and loved the animals.

Theresa, Jessica & Nate

What an amazing place and so helpful for my little girl's 5th birthday party. It's one she will never forget.

Steve, Julie, Page & Brooklyn

Thank you for such a wonderful Birthday experience. A "repeat Birthday" spot every year for sure!
Thank you and see you next Birthday or Sunny day

The Craggs

Thank you so much! Best party ever! We all had so much fun!

Megan Noel

What a wonderful experience. I would recommend this to anyone with kids. We will remember this forever!!
Thank you so much


Had the most wonderful time. So much fun. The animals were amazing. To all the helpers, Thank you soooo much!

Wayne & Erika Cranston, Katrina, Tyler & Addison Sousa

Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon! The kids had an awesome time! (so did all us adults). We can't wait to come back next time.

Camille Tisseur

Thank-you so much for everything you did today to make my son's 5th Birthday so memorable. We will definitely be spreading the good word about your wonderful farm.

Catharine & Max

Thank-you so much for sharing your happy farm with us. Max and Nana had a wonderful new adventure. Your environment is impressive and beautiful!!

Karen, Tyke, Devin, Keegan & Aidan

Can't thank you enough for a wonderful day. What your family had created here is a place every child should be lucky enough to experience. Can't wait to come back.

ps. The boys send kisses to Lollipop, Tetley, and especially Gobbles! xoxo

Taylor, Emily, Carmella, Jenn & Carolyn

Thank you soooooo much for yet another wonderful experience for my nieces. I know I will be back! You are such a gem.

Diane & Summer

Thank you so much, what a great experience. Much appreciated for your gentleness and caring of the animals. We will be back.

Patricia Keene

What a wonderful time we had playing with all the animals. Adults can have fun too. Thanks for taking such good care of your animal friends.

Derik, Melissa, Hunter & Grayson

Really great time with the animals. Our boys, 3 & 2 will be talking about it for the next year. As I write, Tetley the pig is smiling to say goodbye!

Karen Scott

An awesome experience for all our family. More than I had hoped for. Thank you so much for giving my Birthday grandson & 3 other children a truly special family time to remember. May God richly bless you!!

Frances, Ryan, Liam and Isle

What a most wonderful experience for our kids and us! Great job taking care of the animals!

Anastasia (9 years)

This is my first time here....and I had tons of fun! I liked everything I did since I just stepped in. It was awesome! The dogs, Tetley the pig, the talking horse, and all the other stuff we did. My favourite was holding the baby chick! (usually I am scared of most birds...including chickens). I really hope we come soon.


Thank you SO much for a wonderful 6th birthday party. Best one ever and you and staff were amazing, with all 23 kids!!!!

Danica and family

My 5 year old had an absolute blast on her birthday at the farm. The whole thing is well planned out, with a wide variety of incredibly people friendly animals, funny tricks, a very special pony ride, and a lovely atmosphere. She had a smile on her face the entire time, as did all the other kids (and adults!)


I'm 9 years old. Our family came to Sechelt in october and we came to your farm. I'm the oldest of the four kids. We're from Edmonton. We also ran into you at the apple festival.

It was cool to be at your farm. I also liked riding your horse snowy. And I also liked the pig, chickens, bunnies, and peacocks.

After visiting your farm I became a vegetarian because the animals were super cute.

We appreciate that you organized a fabulous birthday party for Khloris!  All of our friends had a wonderful time. One of my friend said that was the best birthday party she had ever been. All of them said that they had to come to your farm again for sure. We also thank you for your free range eggs! Those special eggs only for Khloris.? Thank you again!

See you in summer. Take care!?


Albert and Milky Way enjoying the afternoon sun