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Greet, pet, feed and learn about the farm animals on a personal basis.


For over 15 years, our Shetland pony Sunny has been an essential part of our farm and family. His favorite past times include hanging with Dodger our llama- the duo pride themselves in slipping under fences (where the big guys can't fit).

Available for Trail Rides Pony Rides & Games



Snowy, a half andalusian, has competed alongside our Andalusian horses up to the National level. This guy may have an honest face but loves to sneak extra treats when no one is looking.

Available for Trail Rides Pony Rides & Games



Our miniature horse Cinnamon is perfect for young riders and first timers. What he lack in stature he makes up with spirit, as he can be both the feistiest and sweetest of our ponies. He is the grandfather pony of the farm (but don't tell him that, he still thinks he is quite the spring chicken).

Available for Trail Rides Pony Rides & Games


Our recent arrival from Saskatchewan, this lovely palomino pony loves to cuddle. His nickname is Merrylegs, as he scurries to keep up with the larger horses. Kind and loving, Mashanko fits right in.

Available for Trail Rides Pony Rides & Games




Dodger the llama, in his time, competed at the BC Llama Championships. Can you spot his ribbon in the barn? Make sure to feel his coat- it is especially soft in spring (His secret? Leave-in conditioner, but shhh don't tell Sunny or Cinnamon).



Skittles, a dwarf Nigerian goat, is always open and enthusiastic to see visitors. But watch your food goodie bags! She'll team up with Machiavelli (who distracts you with her tininess) to steal your food when you aren't looking. Make sure to ask to see her "walk".



Though no longer in her glamour years, Tetley the Teacup pig still happily greets visitors with a wagging tail. She will even sit and stick out her tongue if you ask nicely. She loves to spend time snoozing and cooling off in the creek- a good, stable retirement plan.




With his magnificent tail, it is hard to miss Mr. Peabody (and his two look-alike sons), the Black shoulder peacock. He has been the farm alarm clock for over 20 years (if you hear a shrill help, that's probably his call- he likes to cause unneccessary shenanigans).



Our female black shoulder peacocks aren't near as showy as the males, but are much more refined. These lovely girls will eat straight out of your hand (and look very regal doing so), all the while taking care of  a clutch of peachicks.



Our male (Hamlet) and female (Truffles and Lollipop) micro-pigs are quite a bit smaller than Tetley, but still make quite the statement. They absolutely love potatoes (rivaling even Samwise Gamgee) and will happily snuggle up close and fall asleep on you.



A  national champion halter and performance horse, as well as a proven broodmare, Lindeza loves to show off (in particularly in exchange for carrots). She'll talk, scratch your back and even bow. Go ahead, try to ignore her- she'll swiftly grab your attention with a back-scratch. Available for Trail Rides



For over 20 years, Linda has been the essence and matriach of our breeding farm. Time and time again, she has proven herself to be an outstanding mother (as well as grandmother and even great-grandmother). Don't let her senority fool you, this old gal has more spirit and spunk than ever. See the resemeblance? She's mother to both Lindeza and Levante.   Available for Trail Rides



Chopin, our only resident male rabbit, is a pure lionlop. His majestic mane around his head may look impressive, but hiding behind it is a delicate butterfly. He lives in a bachelor pad with Leo (our male guniea pig), the two of them quite the notorious pair.




Our adorable Lionlops bunnies, each with their own distinct personalities. If you ask nicely (or with a piece of lettuce), they'll happily jump onto and quickly get comfortable on your lap.



Teddybear like Bottichelli is our other daddy bunny. Our sociable boy comes running when called, loves his nose being patted and being brushed.  Once in your arms he's hard to put down.



Part-dwarf rabbit, Sugarpops loves to outshine the other bunnies (she thinks her sparkling personality is a gift to all). Don't forget about her (let's be honest, she won't let you forget)- she'll even "sit up" on command to catch your eye.



The cheeky Seabright bantam, who like her namesake, is an adept politician. She will jump on your shoulder, ride Skittles the goat, dart into open doorways, and sneakily work her way up the peaking order.



All of our girl G. pigs are the American (short-haired) breed. They are very vocal and will let you know with a quite purr if they are happy (or an uptight squeak if they aren't!).


Our male guinea pig is a Peruvian (long-haired), and loves to flash his hair around. His luscious locks make him quite popular with the ladies (or so he brags to Sherman).



Our African Goose is hard to miss with a decorative bobble on her head and dewlap under her beak (distinguishing her from the ducks). Sheldon wears them with an air of regality (she doesn't know that these are common to all African geese). This docile goose will eat straight out of your hand, if you don't mind the big beak.



Our lovely part part Muscovy eagerly sits in children's laps, happily eating like a jackhammer, hence his namesake.One can often find him swimming contentedly in various water buckets throughout the farm (and/or looking like he is laughing at a bad joke).



Our male and female Polish Chickens rock stylish Afros. Be assured, yes, they do indeed have eyes underneath their feathers (which makes them exceptional spies- you never know where they are looking).



Our Silkies (Teddy and Lil' Fuzz) breeds. These cheeky chickens will jump on your shoulder in order to get a bird's eye view of the competition.



Arcanas and Highlanders- our hens and roosters will flock to visit you. Thanks to them you can collect an egg on your visit!



Simba, a fairly rare Jacobin pigeon, has a roar much larger than his bite.  His impressive lion like mane of feathers, hides a gentle heart. He enjoys sitting on your lap, nibbling his corn treats.


Our pair of fantails make quite the statement with a flash of their fancy feathers. Don't tell them they aren't quite a match for the peacocks.Truffles loves to perch on high objects (or make a nest of your head).



The Coturnix quail fit nicely into the palm of your hand or onto your lap, and are surprisingly fast for their size. During mating season, males (such as Qualiy) make a call "koo-tur-nix" (and hence their name), but to us it sounds more like "Look-at-me" . Can you pick out what Qualiy is trying to say?



The newest additions to the farm- Eeyore and Huilo the miniature donkeys. These two are quite intelligent (which makes them appear stubborn at times- however, the opposite is true, they are just too smart). Huilo, the gelding, is very affectionate and Eeyore, the jenny, is very tricky. Together, they escape all of our fencing and try to come live with us in the house!




Our heritage turkey toms including Black Spanish (Black Beauty), Blue Slate (Mr. Slate), and Royal Palm (Palm Spring) breeds. Black Beauty's favorite past time is to walk alongside us on pony trail rides. He'll even cross the creek- nothing's going to break his stride.



Our heritage turkey hens include Black Spanish (Gobbles), Blue Slates, and Royal Palms (Oasis). They are quite vocal and usually follow one or two toms in a flock as they meander around the property. Try to feed one out of your hand! She'll gladly partake (but has quite the beak on her so you might be in for a surprise).

Fertilized heritage turkey eggs, chicks and some hens, are available. Contact us for more details.



Tundra, our Maremma sheepdog, wonderfully guards the critters on our farm (especially from ambulances- she has a thing or two to say about those sirens), but that doesn't stop her from happily greeting visitors. Zephyr, a Blue heeler, border collie, and lab mix, supposedly is also a guardian of the farm. However, she prefers to spend her days snoozing in the sun, enthusiastically greeting all who come to the farm, and guarding the holes she digs. Make sure to give these two girls some love when you come visit!

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