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They are handled regularly, litter trained ready for their new homes at 6 weeks. Raised in a loving environment socialized with children and other pets. Please note micro pigs grow till 3-4 years of age, they do not stay tiny, and are not suitable for apartments. They generally grow up to 15" and 50lbs.  Extremely intelligent, clean, non allergenic, they make great family pets, inside(outdoor access) and outdoors.

Born December 4th 2018 Available to good homes at 6 weeks

Priscilla our gentle pretty piglet, she's uniquely covered in polka dots   $675 SOLD

Pongo is our adorable runt with her beautiful spotted saddle     $875  SOLD

Penelope is our adventuresome character, she loves to explore    $775 PENDING

3 little piglets 3 hours after birth

Email Bette-lyn farmventures@telus.net or call (604) 993-0334 for more information

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Sow:   Truffles

Papered & Microchipped Micro Pig

Born October 16th 2016


View a video of Truffles at 3 years

taken 2 weeks prior to birth of December 2016 piglets



Boar:   Hamlet

Papered & Microchipped Micro Pig

Born March 6th 2016

View a video of Hamlet at 3 years



August 2017 Micro Piglets

Born August 5th 2017

Litter trained


Photo taken September 10th, 2017, showing all 6 piglets and their animal friends.


Sweet Pea  SOLD

The second smallest beautiful little fellow - Pink with black spots, white strip on shoulder




Licorice  SOLD

Cuddly little fellow - all black




Mr. Peanut

Strikingly handsome boy - pink with red frosting and black spots

friendly little character who likes to cuddle at night




Cinder SOLD

A sweet little girl - black with white tip on tail




Pringles  SOLD

Our larger laid back piglet - pink with large black spots around his eyes




Ebony  SOLD

The adorably sweet runt - all black girl







Recommendations from happy owners:

Sold to Happy Owners:

Thank you Bette she is such a great pig, brings smiles to everyone's face and is a great addition to our family. We all love her very much:)  She is a little pig princess.                         Kind Regards Tao

I so love my girls! I taught them to sit in three tries! They are so cute and smart. I love them so much! How much for the third little pig? OMG! LOL How can you have three little pigs with only two? We had a nae the piggies contest... sorry piggies lost. They are Toots and Puddles after a kids book about two l   Shannon

Hi Bette-lyn
Hope this email finds you well. I wanted to give you an update on our little guy. We call him Burt, and he lives in the room just off our kitchen. It took him about a week to warm up to us, but I feel like we are best friends now. He watches me do my makeup in the mornings, and every time we watch tv together he ends up dozing off. Everyone I introduce him to loves him, and he returns the love. I think my dad found his sweet spot the first time they met (see photo attached). He warms my heart every time I look at him, and love him so much more than I expected.

Hi Bette Lynn ,

Thank You so much , Niblet Aka Piggy is such an amazing addition to our family . We love him dearly .
He made himself right at home and has developed quite a personality . With in a couple days he was litter trained and already learning to sit .
Piggy is loving and cuddly with the girls and a real athlete with my husband running and dribbling the ball back and forth. It's HILARIOUS how he plays soccer were getting him a whitecaps jersey LOL !
He is currently waiting on paint for his new backyard beach house complete with patio.

An amazingly smart animal I would recommend to anyone anytime . BEST PET EVER  Thank You Again    the Trulsens


Things are going really well! I've got the harness on and we ventured out two times today, the second time she was pretty good for a while! Definitely making leaps and bounds with the bonding and she is super cuddly and enjoying exploring the house a bit! She is currently curled up under my desk by my feet, a dream come true! We named her Dublyn Mahogany (hehe!) and she has stolen our hearts!

Thank you Bette-lyn for giving us a new family member!  Bernine

Hi Bette-lyn, I wanted to send you some photos of Petunia. She is doing so well and we are completely in love with her. She is quite the little princess!


Hi Bette-lyn & Albert!

We adopted Daisy from you a few weeks ago, wanted to give you an update!

She's doing GREAT!
good with the kids,... chases the cats, but they are faster than her, and I think she's just trying to play.
only had a few accidents before I was able to cut her litterbox lower... now she is a piggy-litter-box champ!

She is learning tricks like you wouldn't believe! (so far; Kisses & Spin...as well as coming when called.... we are working on Sit and 'DONT BEG' ) SHE IS SO SMART and such an attitude. :)


Hi Bette-lyn,
How are you?
I can't believe Gerdie is almost a year now. Amazing. We have had the best time with her and love her so much! She is such a smart and loving piggie. Thanks for breeding such a wonderful pig.

Hope you guys are doing well.
Merry Christmas