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Farm Venture - The perfect family or group adventure
1 1/4- 1 1/2 hour tour/adventure [generally suits 1-15 persons]

Adults - $9 per. Children - $15.   $48 min.

  payment by cash, cheque, or email transfer


In the petting farm


-Farm Tour, introduction to National Spanish Horses, Ponies, Llama, Mini Horse, Dwarf Goat, Peacocks, Turkeys, Silky, Chickens, Polish Hens, Bantams, Mini Bunnies, Quail, Guinea Pigs, Ducks, Fantails, African Goose, Fancy Owl pigeon, Curly pigeons, Baby Chicks/Turkeys/Peachicks (in season), Teacup Pig, Micro Pig, Mini Donkeys
-Animal Stunts, greeting by the Teacup Pig who sits and makes funny faces, watch Goat who walks on her hind legs, feed the talking horse who scratches your back and bows, get kissed by a pony.
-Complimentary Animal Food Goodie Bag
-Feed and pet the birds and larger farm animals
-Find and identify fowl feathers on the feather tree
-Gather your own chicken egg
-Feed and play with the smaller critters in two petting farms

-Add a 15 minute pony trail ride, $11 one child

20 minute Pony Trail Ride and carrot hunt: $15 one child ($10 additional children)

           [one pony included, additional ponies additional]


Pony  ( Horse )Trail Ride

Pony ( Horse ) Trail Ride: Half hour - 1 Child $38 per pony ($10 per additional children sharing pony)

45 minute pony trail ride with walker along fields and wooded trail. See the farm animals, walk through the forest, and go through the creek! Safe for all ages (adults too!)  1 child $45 ($10 per additional children sharing pony)

1 hour lesson trail ride: $55 with walker, learn to ride while enjoying country trails and a ride through a tree farm

A pony trail ride: Black Beauty the turkey often likes to join

Horse Trail Ride

For experienced riders,  (non experienced riders may participate with provided instructor at no additional cost)

1 hr ride Tree Farm Trail Ride $55 1 rider, $50 if 2 or more riders

1.5 hr Tree Farm ride with a view of the Georgia Strait  $70

1 3/4 hr Tree Farm View Ride amongst the majestic Douglas Fir  $80

4 1/4hr Mountain Trail Ride with lunch   $165

Experience Coastal BC.  

Ride up the mountain through old forest trails experiencing an expansive view of the Georgia Strait and Vancouver Island 

Experienced Riders only

Unsure which package best fits? Contact us! We do tailored/customizable packages:   farmventures@telus.net